Seals and Gaskets


EPDM extrusion 

EPDM is a synthetic rubber which is highly resistant to adverse climatic conditions and its chemical composition gives it high durability and quality and therefore they are ideal for use such as thermal insulation, accoustic insulation, water filtration seals, dust, noise and vibration for all types of archtectonic enclosure systems that are exposed to spaces or places with extreme temperatures.

At STACPOL we are highly specialised in the design of dynamic or static gaskets for use such as watertightness gaskets, cushioning, glazing wedges, central casement closings, channel covers, bubble gaskets and façade gaskets amongst others.



Whatever industrial profile

In STACPOL we have two lines that are specially dedicated to the extrusion of large EPDM profiles for whatever industrial application. The large dimension EPDM profiles maintain their properties even though they are subjected to different temperature extremes. For this reason its worldwide prescence is constant in industry in general as well as construction or marine applications and general exterior use.


Properties: A wide temperature working range of between 15ºC & 100ºC. For certain specialist grades can reach temperatures of up to 140ºC. It has excellent resistance to ageing, weather exposure as well as ozone also at high temperatures. Poor adherence to metals.
Chemical resistance: resistant to dissolvents. Good resistance to corrosive products and non-oxidant acids.
Different formulas available depending on the required hardnesses and performances.

EPDM Co-Extrusion

The Co-extrusion is one of the most important applications whilst extruding polymers and thanks to the technology available at STACPOL, we can extrude EPDM rubber in different hardnesses and therefore design adequate profiles for each application. The EPDM Co-extrusion profiles are an excellent option when less pressure is to be excercised or if a different finish is required.



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