Seals and Gaskets


Profiles with pre-cut

We are able to offer the possibility of fabricating the gaskets that are made with equally spaced pre-cuts to the required measurement and therefore this avoids having to cut them at 45º. These types of gaskets contribute to an easy and quick installation on to frames or perimetral sashes.


Pre-cut and drainage 

The pre-cut can be combined with punched holes that have the desired shape so that the gaskets provide sufficient drainage in order to impede humidity retention that could cause damages. 

Profiles with adhesive

An adhesive weather strip made from EPDM rubber for doors and windows. They are ideal for where the surface is flat and the gasket does not have to be clipped in. They provide protection from cold, and from air currents, dust and humidity and are energy saving. STACPOL has an automatic modern installation to carry out the gluing to the profile and allows us to guarantee the maximum product quality.

Profiles with a cord insert

As opposed to the normal gaskets that are stretched when they are introduced in to the profile which then later tend to shrink, these gaskets have an internal cord that allows for the gasket to be introduced in to the groove by pulling it or pressing in by hand or with a roller without the gasket stretching and therefore ensuring a correct installation.Furthermore, this type of gasket gives us the possibility of also being fitted after assembling the frame and/or the sash without having to making cuts in the mitre joints; it is the quickest and simplest assembly system.


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