Seals and Gaskets


PVC extrusion 

The PVC gasket is made up of a flexible material with a vinyl polychloride base with different sections and dimensions according to what the product has to achieve.. It is characterized  by presenting dimensional stability and environmental resistance.



PVC co-extrusion 

The two most differentiated classes of PVC are rigid PVC and flexible PVC whose characteristics can be combined jointly by using the co-extrusion process where we can produce profiles made from a very hard wearing material and with great resistance to ageing, good flexibility at various temperatures, good chemical resistance (also to chloride), resistance to hot water and steam, UV radiation and ozone. 

With this type of process STACPOL can produce  all types of gaskets and PVC is available for specific applications such as dynamic gaskets, Thermal Break profiles, profiles welded at high frequency, expansion gaskets, flooring seperators, groove or channel covers, etc. all of these being available in different colours and finishes.


Good funcionality, transparency and good thermal insulation, easy and quick to use and is resistant to atmospheric agents, abrasion and chemical products. At STACPOL we are specialists in profile design for all types of bath and shower screens as well as glazing enclosures or glass screens.


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