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STAC (Sistemas Técnicos del Accesorio y Componentes S.L.) has its main office and factories in Padron, Spain. In 2001 STACPOL was established as a division specialising in the design and manufacture of all types of gaskets for diverse industrial sectors such as coach builders, cold and heat store insulation systems, the automotive industry, swing doors, renewable energy and particularly specialising  in aluminium, wood and PVC fenestration systems. 

The aim of STACPOL is to offer to the industry optimum solutions for its needs by offering a range of the highest quality products. To be able to offer the best service to our clients, we have a technical office that is dedicated exlusively to the design and development of polymer profiles.


We have the ISO 9001:2008 standard certification for the design and manufacture of polymer profiles by extrusion or Co-extrusion

In production, quality is initiated by selecting the optimum raw material for what the profile is to be used for.  All of our raw materials comply with the EN 12365:2004 standard which regulates the adequate characteristics for the manufacture of gaskets destined to the fenestration industry.

All of our production lines are completely automated and synchronised in order to achieve the maximum dimensional stability of the profiles.

During manufacture, the quality controls are constant. Our production lines have continuous optical measuring systems that detect the minimum variation in measurement and establish correction factors across the whole production line.

We carry out functional checks of the profiles that will be fitted to another product and we maintain constant contact with our clients.

Our production processes and IT support allows us to provide documentary traceability of our products from the raw material stage to a finished part.Consequently our experience and evolution in the polymer profiles sector means that we can offer a complete service of planning, manufacture and supply with a guarantee of quality.

Another important aspect with respect to the quality of our products is to study the packaging process (depending on the characteristics of each profile and what our client needs) and a meticulous distribution process which will guarantee the most optimum service and prompt delivery lead times.

As a logical consequence of our experience and evolution in the polymer profiles sector, we can offer a complete service of planning, manufacture and supply with a quality guarantee.

 Integrated Management System Policy:
 quality and the Environment


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